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Tandem Paragliding


Breezy adventures for Adults & Children with our Partner Stocky Air

Come and fly with World record Pilots in Tandem flights
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Requirements for passengers
As a passenger, you do not need any knowledge or experience in paragliding. It does not matter if you are old or young, heavy or light, big or tall. Everyone is can have this amazing experience.

Exact details:

  • Children from the age of 4, more than 20 kg
  • Maximum body weight 120 kg
  • There is no age limit, the oldest passenger was 92 years old
  • No acute cardiovascular and back problems  
  • You should be able to run a few meters
  • In wintertime, it is possible to start with skis

What to bring:

  • Mountain shoes with good profile (no sandals, croqs, etc)
  • Resistent, sporty clothing, weather reliable
  • Windbreaker
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves, if needed (especially in winter)

Procedure Tandem flight                                                                                            

The start
At the starting place, the passenger is supplied with a harness and a helmet. The pilot will then explain the task of the passenger and the exact procedure. After that he lays out the paraglider, which is 42m long and checks the ropes and harnesses before he clicks in the paraglider. When he gives the commando, the passenger starts walking forward. In that procedure the pilot pulls the paraglider up to fill it with air. Then both pilot and passenger start running until they take off. With good wind, the run is about 10m. With no wind the running takes about 20m

The flight
After taking of the ground, the passenger can sit back, and can enjoy the beautiful view as the pilot is handling the rest. The speed is around 40km/h with a sinking of 1m/sec. During the flight it is possible to communicate with the pilot, therefore the pilot can adjust the flying to the passengers wishes. Adrenaline or a rather chilled panorama flight, everything can be done. If the passenger feels up for it, he may take control over the paraglider for some time if he wants to.

The Landing
It is a very soft and uncomplicated landing. A few steps can be done to finish in the standing position. The pilot will prepare the passenger early enough for it. Sometimes he chooses to end the flight in a seating position. This depends on the wind or capabilities of the passenger.

Flight offers in summer mai - october

Children flight
Starting height 1200m NN
Height difference 600m
Flight duration 5-10 minutes
Total duration ca. 45 min (incl. transfer)
incl. flight certificate
Age 4-15 years (min. 20 kg
Price: € 65,00 without transfer to the starting place
-10% for children till 15 years for bigger flights (super high flight)

Standard flights (without the ascent to the starting place)

1. Small Flight
Starting height: 1200m NN
Height difference 600m
Flight duration 5-10 minutes
Total duration ca. 45 min (incl. transfer)
Price: € 80,00

2. Super flight
Starting height 1900m NN
Height difference 1200m
Flight duration 15-20 minutes
Total duration ca. 60 min (incl. transfer)
Price: € 100,00

3. Mega flight
Starting height 2000m NN
Height difference 1400m
Flight duration 20-30 minutes
Total duration ca. 90 min (incl. transfer)
Price: € 120,00

4. Glacier flight
Starting height 3200m NN
Height difference 1700m
Flight duration 25-35 minutes
Total duration ca. 90 min (incl. transfer)
Price: € 160,00

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