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Ski touring with technique training

Beginners course

Ski touring course with technique training

This basic ski touring course with driving technique training offers the ideal introduction to ski touring. If you have an enthusiasm for snow-covered mountains, safe skiing on the slopes and a little bit of stamina, then these are the best prerequisites for this course. We train according to the Austrian ski curriculum and combine the training with the 3S method = safety - ski technique - setup .


€ 450 per person


from 14 years


3 days


min. 4 people, max. 6 people

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  • 29.11. - 01.12.2024
  • 13.12. - 15.12.2024
  • 27.12. - 29.12.2024
  • 17.01. - 19.01.2025
  • 30.01. - 02.02.2025
  • 14.02. - 16.02.2025
  • 28.02. - 02.03.2025
  • and on request


Ski technique:
You have mastered parallel turns on the black slope. Ski touring experience is not necessary.

You are fit enough for a full day of skiing, with ascents of up to 2 hours.



  • 3 days organization by a state certified IVBV mountain & ski guide
  • Rental equipment avalanche transceiver, probe & shovel
  • Education document Safety Academy
  • Lecture about weather & avalanches
  • Parking lot

Not included:

  • Ski pass
  • Ski equipment - if you need rental equipment, we are happy to help
  • Overnight stay - we are happy to take over the reservation for the overnight


Day 1:
Meeting point at 8:30 a.m. at our alpine school, welcome and program discussion with the mountain guide. Equipment check of setup, skis & boots. After we have familiarized ourselves with the equipment, we improve our driving technique for the terrain with helpful tips from the mountain guide. We get to know our avalanche transceiver and familiarize ourselves with the emergency equipment for avalanches.

Day 2:
Day tour adapted to the ability of the participants - ascent technique and track system. We try to implement what we have learned in the terrain on a ski tour. If possible, we make several small ascents and descents to refine our track system and deep snow technique. The day before weather & avalanche

Day 3:
Ski tour with variant runs in easy and medium-difficult terrain. Variation exercises for different types of snow. The course ends on Sunday at around 4 p.m.


How does a ski tour work?

We start at the Mountain Sports Alpine School at 08:30. Welcome and distribution of avalanche equipment - shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver. We discuss the avalanche report together, choose the tour area and, if necessary, pick up the ski touring equipment. Your mountain guide will of course go through and showyou how to use the safety equipment correctly before the tour. The tour destination is planned by the mountain guide based on your previous knowledge and fitness.

What should I bring?

Backpack, own avalanche transceiver equipment if available (is included), ski touring skis and poles, helmet (as required), snack, drink, sun protection, change of clothes. Please also check prior to your tour whether your insurance includes mountain rescue off-piste. You will receive a packing list when you make your booking.

Is lunch included?

No, please pack a snack and enough to drink. Depending on the tour destination, we might also have the opportunity to stop at a hut after the tour.

Do I get a discount if I bring my own equipment?

You are of course welcome to use your own equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot grant a discount as we generally provide the necessary safety equipment free of charge.

Do I need a lift ticket?

This depends on the planning of the mountain guide. A lift ticket does not need to be bought the day before.

What is a hut sleeping bag and what do I need it for?

A hut sleeping bag is either made of silk or cotton and is compulsory on every hut for hygienic reasons, as the duvets, pillowcases and mattress protectors cannot be washed every day. The hut sleeping bag protects you from direct contact with the blankets. We recommend a small silk hut sleeping bag with a small pack size and lighter weight.

Payment at the hut with debit card?

Payment with your debit card is rarely possible in mountain huts! It is therefore necessary to bring sufficient cash with you! Cable cars and hotels can usually be paid for with debit or credit card.

The weather forecast announces bad weather, when will a tour be cancelled / postponed?

Unfortunately, weather forecasts for the mountains are not always as accurate as one might imagine and some weather portals are simply unsuitable for forecasts in the mountains. A reliable forecast is only possible for the following three to five days. Although the 16-day forecasts in particular are popular, the significance is extremely limited. If the conditions are clearly bad and we have to cancel the tour for safety reasons, we will either arrange an alternative date together or you will get your deposit back.

What rental equipment is included in the price?

You will find the rental equipment included in the tour description under "Services & Additional Costs". Rental equipment is included in all our guided tours. We also have equipment hire - if you are out on your own but have forgotten your crampons, you can get them from us.

How do I know what equipment I need for my tour?

You will receive a packing list from us. This will help you to find out what you need for your booked tour!

Which touring skis / boots should be used?

We recommend a light touring ski and suitable touring boots. We are happy to advise you and recommend our partner shops. Please arrange the ski touring equipment a day ahead of the tour in order to find out what you need and to try on the boots properly and adjust them to the skis.

 Do I have to be able to ski in deep snow for a ski tour?

Yes, we plan our tours off-piste, and you should be able to ski in all types of snow. If this is not the case, we recommend our deep snow course with technique training. The course is a great introduction to a beautiful ski touring winter with safe descents.


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