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Mount Elbrus 5,642 m

Seven Summit

The Elbrus is with 5.642 Meter the highest point of the European continent and counts to the most famous „Seven Summits “. The ascent from the south is among mountaineers, because of a well-built infrastructure, as well as the comfortable and beautiful accommodation, the most favourite route. We will climb the west summit (5.642m) which is 21m higher than the East summit.

The tour takes 8 days in total, which includes one extra day (reserve day) just in case of bad weather. With a minimum of 5 participants, the tour will be guided personally by Bernhard or another Mountain guide from Mountain Sports Zillertal. A local guide will be joining the tour as well, since he knows the Elbrus and its surrounding like the back of his hand.

We will have at least 1 mountain guide for 4 people. This would mean maximum chance of reaching the summit. Just in case one of the participants wants to turn back, we have the ideal chance of taking regard on the different skills of performance from all the participants.

For the ascent of the Elbrus we have cooperate with the GoElbrus cooperation. This organisation takes care of the setup on site and takes care of the invitation for our Visa.


1. Day: Arrival in Mineralnye Vody. Meeting of all participants and transfer to Terskol in the Baksan-Valley (ca. 4 hrs.). Overnight stay in a hotel 2-3 person rooms with Shower and Toilet.

2. Day: Start with an acclimatization ski tour to the Observatory 3.100m. By good weather we will be able to see an majestic panorama including the view on the two Elbrus domes and the mighty Dongus-Orun (duration ca. 7hrs+/-900hm). The alternative would be going up with the ski lift to 3.800m and enjoying a small ski tour to get used to the height. The overnight stay occurs in the same hotel as the previous day.

3. Day: With the ski lift we head into a mountain hut on about 3800m. All other belongings which are not needed, can be deposited in the hotel. After a short tea break we start the ascent to Prijut 11 and higher 4.300m. By good fitness we continue the ascent. This night we stay in a modern hut (close to the old Botschki) in a more bedded room (ca. 3hrs. ascent)

4. Day: Acclimatization ascent to the Pastuchov-Rock on ca. 4.800m. By good fitness we continue the ascent (ca 8hrs.) and stay overnight in our hut.

5. Day: Rest day and further acclimatization. Today we try to gain all our power for the coming challenging Summit tour and we check the equipment needed. On request we can do a short tour in the surrounding (until ca. 4.300m) By very good fitness of the group and good weather we can start the ascent already today. The decision will be made on short term and depending on the circumstances. Overnight stay in our hut.

6. Day: Summit day! Early get up (around 2 am). It can be very cold and windy, but also mild and not windy at all. We leave the accommodation around 3 am to see the sunrise on the height of the Pastuchov-Rocks. On request of the group, we can also get a ride on a piste bully to the Pastuchov-rocks. The ascent will be significantly reduced. Overnight stay is planned like the day before. Ascent ca. 10 hrs., descent ca. 4 hrs., +/-1840hm.

7. Day: Reserved day. If the ascent was not possible on day 6, or not successful, there will be a tough day ahead. Ascent with the piste bully until the Pastuchov-rocks, hike to the summit, return to the cable cars and descent. Overnight stay in a Hotel in Terskol. If the summit was successful we have an easy descent to the Baksan-Valley and return to the hotel and enjoy a hike in the surrounding.

8. Day: Group transfer to Mineralnye Wody and the individual flight back home. Duration of the drive 3-4 hrs (190km).


Mountaineering experience is beneficial and very helpful. Especially because of the altitude and the glaciated summit structure is a demanding high-altitude tour. Slopes up to over 30 ° steepness require safe walking with crampons. Even if a crevasse fall is very unlikely, it is necessary to go roped in parts. A substantial condition is essential, on the summit day 1,900 vertical meters are to be mastered up to an altitude of 5,642m and the support by means of a snowmobile is by no means guaranteed. The mountain guide will accompany you on the tour and support you if possible, but there is no guided tour in the sense of a classic tour - as in the Alps on the rope of the mountain guide to the summit and back - instead.


  • Requirements for visas
  • Registration and formalities on site
  • Group transfer from and to the airport in Mineralny Vody
  • Stay in a hotel in Terskol, double or triple-bedrooms, dormitory in the mountain hut
  • Full board on the mountain, at least half board in the valley
  • Mountain guide from Mountain Sports Zillertal as contact person and escort from Mineralny Vody and an assisting mountain guide for the summit day (one mountain guide for four guests)
  • National Park fees
  • Summit certificate

Not included

  • Arrival/Flight to Mineralny Vody
  • Visa for Russia, costs approx. € 80, - per person (must be applied for by the participants in due time at the Russian representation in their home country).
  • The Visa can also be organised by us for a fee
  • Additional payment for a single room in the hotel
  • Snow cat ride on the summit day approx. € 70, - (the exact cost depends on the number of guests)
  • Cable car rides
  • Taxi from/to airport for earlier or later arrival/departure (approx. € 100, -)
  • European travel insurance – on request, we can send you an offer

All important information

8 days

from 5 persons

Meeting point:
Terskol, by appointment

Tour Price:
5 people € 1640,- per person
6 people € 1500,- per person
7 people € 1400,- per person
8 people € 1325,- per person

April & May on request

Please pay attention to potential risks:

This adventure is connected with the alpine risks and dangers in great heights. Joining the tour, you are willing to take on an increased degree of risk and you participate as an independent mountaineer. Similar to Mont Blanc, we have to be prepared for any kind of weather. Changing from icy -30°C to piercing hot sunny weather, storms or calm...everything is possible.

Mountaineering at great heights (up to 5.600m on the summit day) means a great strain for the organism and the danger of altitude sickness cannot be excluded. Therefore, we strongly recommend getting your body accustomed to high altitudes prior to the tour by staying in an alpine hut at min. 3000m. Alternatively you can participate in one of our high alpine tours during the week before departure. You must be physically healthy and fully resilient. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor before departure.

Please consider that the organisation, accommodation, meals and means of transport in the Caucasus do not meet European standards. Weather, construction sites and generally unforeseen events or poor conditions may cause delays and changes in the programme.

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