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Ski touring on 4000 m in the Valais Alps

Monte Rosa Massif

Guided ski tours in the Monterosa Massif with five 4000 metres high mountains ….

This is a demanding ski crossing in the middle of the glacier world of the Monterosa Massif. By favourable conditions and once we have slowly acclimatized, we have the possibility to ascend five 4000 metres high mountains with skis, and to visit the highest situated mountain hut in the alps. The highlight of the week is the alternative route over the southside of the Monterosa Massif with its stunning descents off the beaten track.


€ 1190 per person


from 16 years


7 days


min. 4 people max. 6 people

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  • 12.04. - 18.04.2025
  • and on request


Ski technique:
You have already gained your first ski touring experience and can safely ski on all types of snow.

Very strong physical condition for ascents up to 1500 meters per day.

Technical knowledge:
Sure-footedness for short summit ascents with crampons, mastering the ascent technique for ski kickturns with crampons. Maximum steepness approx. 45° / 1 x belay passage.


Day 1:
Meeting point at 18:00 at Hotel Bergfreund in Herbriggen. Here your mountain guide will be waiting to wish you welcome and have a tour briefing with you.

Day 2:
After breakfast the hotel shuttle takes us to Zermatt, from where the cable car takes us further to Klein Matterhorn 3882m. The ascent to Breithorn at 4156 m. is the beginning of the ski tour and acclimatization. Skiing the most beautiful snow we reach the Ayas hut at 3425 m. where we will spend the night.
Ascent: 450 m. Descent: 750 m.

Day 3:
Today starts with a descent to Val d’Ayas. With an ascent to Punta Bettolina at 3000 m. we reach the huge flanks to Stafal at 1820 m. Here the cable car takes us to Indren at 3275 m. where we ascend to the Gnifetti hut at 3647 m. to spend the night. Ascent: 1200 m. Descent: 2400 m. The alternative for 4 people and by very favourable conditions is the ascent of the Castor at 4223 m.

Day 4:
Liskamm at 4527 m. and Dufourspitze are mighty companions as we ascend to the Signalkuppe (Rifugio Regina Margherita) at 4554 m. and Zumsteinspitze at 4563 m. A very long descent over the Grenzglacier follows to the new Monte Rosa hut at 2883 m. This is where we will spend the night.
Ascent: 1140 m. Descent: 1200 m.

Day 5:
Glacier traverse over the Stockhorn pass at 3384 m. We will turn right after the descent over the Findel glacier and ascend to Adler pass at 3789 m. Depending on our condition and motivation, we can add the Strahlhorn at 4190 m. With a delightful descent over the Allalin glacier and a short counter ascent we reach the Brittania hut at 3030 m. where we will stay overnight.
Ascent: 1400 m. Descent: 1200 m.

Day 6:
Finally, we ascend the Alphubel at 4206 m. The descent to Täschalp is an absolute highlight which brings the ski touring week in the Valais Alps to a close. We will return to Herbriggen and stay the night in Hotel Bergfreund.
Ascent: 1200 m. Descent: 2200 m.

Day 7:
Farewell and return journey



  • Organisation by state certified IVBV mountain guide
  • Loaner avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel
  • Loaner High alpine equipment
  • Hut and hotel reservations

Not included:

  • Travel to the destination
  • 6 nights in huts with half board approx. 70 CHF per night/ hotel approx. 80 CHF per night
  • Cable cars and transfer costs approx. 120 CHF
  • Parking fees if arriving by car
  • Expenses of the mountain guide
  • Ski tour equipment


  • Hotel Bergfreund in Herbriggen
  • Ayashütte
  • Gnifettihütte
  • Monte Rosa Hütte
  • Britanniahütte


What should I bring?

Backpack, own avalanche transceiver equipment if available (is included), ski touring skis and poles, helmet (as required), snack, drink, sun protection, change of clothes. Please also check prior to your tour whether your insurance includes mountain rescue off-piste. You will receive a packing list when you make your booking.

Do I get a discount if I bring my own equipment?

You are of course welcome to use your own equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot grant a discount as we generally provide the necessary safety equipment free of charge.

What is a hut sleeping bag and what do I need it for?

A hut sleeping bag is either made of silk or cotton and is compulsory on every hut for hygienic reasons, as the duvets, pillowcases and mattress protectors cannot be washed every day. The hut sleeping bag protects you from direct contact with the blankets. We recommend a small silk hut sleeping bag with a small pack size and lighter weight.

Payment at the hut with debit card?

Payment with your debit card is rarely possible in mountain huts! It is therefore necessary to bring sufficient cash with you! Cable cars and hotels can usually be paid for with debit or credit card.

The weather forecast announces bad weather, when will a tour be cancelled / postponed?

Unfortunately, weather forecasts for the mountains are not always as accurate as one might imagine and some weather portals are simply unsuitable for forecasts in the mountains. A reliable forecast is only possible for the following three to five days. Although the 16-day forecasts in particular are popular, the significance is extremely limited. If the conditions are clearly bad and we have to cancel the tour for safety reasons, we will either arrange an alternative date together or you will get your deposit back.

What rental equipment is included in the price?

You will find the rental equipment included in the tour description under "Services & Additional Costs". Rental equipment is included in all our guided tours. We also have equipment hire - if you are out on your own but have forgotten your crampons, you can get them from us.

How do I know what equipment I need for my tour?

You will receive a packing list from us. This will help you to find out what you need for your booked tour!


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